Certificate Belarusian:

Belarusian Technical Certificate

It is a document confirming the execution of technical assessment of the usefulness of new and imported construction materials and products alike, as well as specifying the scope and requirements of their utilization and exploitation within the borders of Belarus.

The index of imported construction materials and products alike that have to undergo the usefulness check is provided below:

The Belarusian Technical Certificate is issued maximally for 5 years.

STB Certificate of Conformity

An official confirmation of high quality of the products and the specification that they comply with all the requirements set by Belarusian law regulations. Products for which the STB Certificate of Conformity has been issued, can be labeled with the “STB” logo. Goods that are to be certified are specified in the index of products, materials, services, and commodities alike that are required to be checked in Belarus.

The STB Certificate is issued when the product successfully undergoes a set of tests in one of authorized laboratories. The decision on whether or not to issue the document is made by a central controlling unit basing on examinations and analyses’ outcomes. If it is so, the certifying body guarantees that the product in question complies with applicable law regulations. In some cases, the STB Certificate may be issued without the aforementioned test being performed.

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About us

About us

The East European Certification Centre offers its support to the companies interested in selling their goods and services within the borders of the Customs Union (including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, and Russia).

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The EAC symbol is a sign that a given product has undergone all the required conformity procedures and complies with the set Customs Union requirements, making it possible for the said product to be labeled with the EAC logo. The Certificate may be issued for 1, 3 or 5 years.

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Certain groups of products have to be certified before their introduction to western markets. Those are, for example: construction machinery, industrial goods made out of metal, agricultural machines, electrical devices, etc...

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