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Voluntary Gost-R Certificate

It is a document certifying a high quality of products and the safety of their use.

The voluntary certificate may be issued for each type of services and products, regardless if they have to be mandatory certified or not. The voluntary GOST-R certificate does not, however, supersede the mandatory GOST-R certificate. Its possession grants the owner (the company) a number of benefits. Above all else, the GOST-R grants the owner the possibility to take part in national auctions organized by the state and big companies, as well as makes it possible for the said party to accept public orders.

Furthermore, the registration of products in the voluntary certification system allows the entrepreneur to confirm his reliability, increase the competitiveness of the offered goods, increase the overall image of the company, lure new consumers and investors, and boost both the profitability and effectiveness of the firm in question.

Index of documents required for the certificate to be issued:

Validity period of the voluntary GOST-R certificate of conformity may vary depending on the chosen certification scheme. Maximal validity period of the document is equal to three years. There is no such period specified while certifying a bath or an agreement only – then the certificate is issued for the one bath only and is valid till the end of the product exploitation period.

FSS Notification

It is a document, the issuing of which is required in the case of importing devices with coding or decoding modules to or exporting them from the Customs Union.

For numerous producers and suppliers, additional examinations must be carried out to check if the devices they offer incorporate any cryptographic elements.

Among others, most popular devices of such kind are:

The FSS Notification includes the following:

Fire Safety Certificate

It is a document warrantying the compliance of the product with fire safety regulations in force in the Russian Federation. The certification procedure is specified in technical guidelines of 22.07.2008 no.123-FZ on fire safety requirements. For the commodities specified in article 146, the issuing of the Fire Safety Certificate is mandatory.

The index of product groups for which the certificate is required is provided below:

The following documents are required for the certificate to be issued:

Fire Safety Certificate may be issued for serial production and for a singular bath and is valid for 1-5 years.

Denial letter

Denial letter is an official document that is issued by a certifying body to claim that the products specified therein do not need to be certified to be considered legally valid.

Two types of denial letters can be identified: the one issued for commercial purposes and the one to be presented to the customs office.

Denial letter presented to the customs office is an official notification that a given type of product should not undergo a customs examination and the assessment of compliance with national technical norms procedures. The said letter has to incorporate most vital information on the invoice or agreement, basing on which goods are imported.

The commercial denial letter is informative in nature and is not accepted by the customs office. It is issued for controlling institutions and customers.

Documents required for the denial letter to be issued:

Letter for the customs office:

Commercial letter:

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About us

The East European Certification Centre offers its support to the companies interested in selling their goods and services within the borders of the Customs Union (including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, and Russia).

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The EAC symbol is a sign that a given product has undergone all the required conformity procedures and complies with the set Customs Union requirements, making it possible for the said product to be labeled with the EAC logo. The Certificate may be issued for 1, 3 or 5 years.

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Certain groups of products have to be certified before their introduction to western markets. Those are, for example: construction machinery, industrial goods made out of metal, agricultural machines, electrical devices, etc...

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