Certyfikaty Ukraińskie:

Ukrainian Sanitary Certificate

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate or Ukrainian Sanitary Certificate is an official document confirming the compliance of the presented products with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Such a certificate is the confirmation that the goods in question do not pose threat to human life and health nor to the environment.

Sanitary Certificate is issued for the following commodity types:

The following are the documents to be presented to the certification body to apply for the Ukrainian Sanitary Certificate to be issued:

The Sanitary Certificate may be issued for 1, 2, 3, or 5 years.

UkrSEPRO Certificate

UkrSepro – national certification system applying in Ukraine and being the equivalent of the Russian Gost-R System.

Certificate issuing procedure follows the principles applicable in Ukraine. The UkrSepro Certificate is a document confirming the compliance of presented products with the national safety and quality standards.

UkrSepro Certificates are issued by appointed authorization bodies. In order to apply for the said document, the following set of documents must be collected beforehand:

Depending on types of products, the UkrSepro certification may be voluntary or mandatory.

During the process of mandatory certification, the conformity of goods’ parameters with the norms in force in Ukraine is checked. The validity of the said document is especially vital during the customs control procedure.

Voluntary certification is performed in a lawfully governed area in accordance with an applicable procedure specified in the agreement between the applicant and the certifying body. The applicant has the possibility to choose to what extent the conformity of the products with the norms is to be checked. The certification authority and the appointed lab both assess the compliance with the norms.

There are six schemes of Ukrainian UkrSepro certification. The choice of one of them depends on the certification subject:

1. For an individually manufactured product, the certificate together with the factory serial number of the said item is issued. It is valid for 1 year;

2. Certificate for the said product may be prolonged for another year;

3. For commodities produced in a serial manner, the certificate is issued for one year basing on control-oriented examinations excluding the procedure of controlling the production process;

4. Fourth scheme covers production controls and testing serial production paradigm by means of utilization of selective Product Quality Control scheme. In this case, technical supervision is also necessary. It is based on the control-oriented analysis of products. After the completion of all the undertakings, the certificate is issued. It is valid for 2 years;

5. For goods produced in a serial fashion and basing on production control and testing outcomes, the certificate is issued for three years. The said scheme assumes the introduction of a periodical technical supervision of certified products by means of incorporating production checks and control-oriented analyses;

6. In the case of serial production and basing on the outcomes of quality management system control, as well as on consecutive product tests, the certificate is issued with 5 years validity period.

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